Hello, world!

Hello world!  Today we officially launch our foundation.  Welcome!

It’s a bit of a funny experience founding a nonprofit.  As you get to know us over the coming months, you’ll see we have so much passion for our mission and creative energy in effectively communicating our purpose to you.  Harnessing the enthusiasm from 6 passionate volunteers from different corners of the world into a structured “check the box” process of founding a nonprofit was no small task.  But at the same time, through the fog of sleepless nights, we kept on track and saw a clear process that ended with a light at the end of tunnel. And today, with you, we enter this light and we step into the next phase of our foundation.

We are thankful to be on this journey with you as we put our hearts out on the line for the greater good of these incredible creatures, and really, for the greater good of us.  Some say, well these are “just elephants” or “we have bigger problems in this world,” and our response to that is: we know you would not turn away if you saw the suffering of these incredible beings.  With you, we have chosen to enter into their reality and to be present with them as we help them to the best of our ability. We believe elephants bring out the best in us. They know nothing but to be elephants, just as nature intended, nor should we expect them to know anything else but to simply be themselves.  And we believe by helping elephants, we help ourselves. We are thrilled to be on this journey with you. Welcome and thank you for your support!

For the elephants,

All of us at Never Forget Elephant Foundation

PS - Thank you for your patience as we learn about our camera equipment! Enjoy the beautiful cicadas in our welcome video.