This is a story of hope.

When we use our imagination, we have hope for the future.  The hope that we have transcends time and place as there is no real end point with hope.  And without hope, without imagining a better tomorrow, we navigate through this world without direction, without purpose.  Hope is a beacon of light.

We carefully selected John Lennon’s timeless song “Imagine” for our latest foundation overview video.  It’s hard to believe it was written almost five decades ago, as the lyrics apply to yesterday, today and to the hope we have for the future.  This song not only dares us to think about a new way to inspire peace with each other as humans, it also applies to how we treat all other beings, including elephants, with whom we are lucky to share planet earth.

As the lyrics present a clear challenge, we boldly say, “Yes!”  Yes, we are up for the challenge to consistently do our best to provide a better tomorrow for the elephants we love so much.  Yes, we are up for the challenge to put our egos aside as we show up for each other in the most meaningful way as human beings.  And finally, yes, we are up for the challenge to keep hope alive for ourselves and for the elephants, as we believe a bright future does exist for all of us should we choose it.

Imagine if you join us, too.

For the Elephants,

All of us at Never Forget Elephant Foundation