Mission & Approach

Never Forget Elephant Foundation believes in humankind’s potential to be the best stewards in enabling endangered Asian elephants to thrive in a healthy, biodiverse habitat.  We believe in compassionately showing up as a global community to support a model of respect and trust with local Karen Hill Tribe people, elephants and each other.  

It is the goal of Never Forget Elephant Foundation to educate tourists and global supporters on the problems captive elephants face today in Thailand and how we can live in a way at home that positively impacts the well being of elephants and the health of our planet. Through this model, we create a tide of positive change that will impact the future of captive Asian elephants.

In our work, we strive to:

  • Provide mental, physical and environmental sanctuary for elephants that have been used for entertainment purposes and logging

  • Connect with the Karen Hill Tribe people at the local level, learn about the challenges they face through owning their elephants and inspire each other to make changes that improve the lives of Asian elephants and the global community as a whole

  • Build a diverse and enlightened network of worldwide supporters who want to make a difference in Asian elephant welfare through a quality educational visitor experience