See you in the Jungle!

Be one of the first to experience our 7-day immersive program for supporters from around the world.  During your stay with us you’ll spend time with the free roaming Never Forget herd and the local people, provide service to the Karen Hill Tribe Community and connect with like-minded, passionate individuals from a variety of walks of life.

Staying at our project truly offers an unforgettable experience.  Our village has relaxed, quaint accommodations in bamboo huts equipped with comfortable mattresses and mosquito nets.  Visitors enjoy unwinding in hammocks overlooking the valley and watching the sunset after a day of providing service and spending time with the elephants.  A secluded platform dedicated to yoga and meditation welcomes folks who desire to spend quiet time connecting with their practice. We are proud to offer three delicious plant-based meals per day where we source local, organic produce from our garden.  Evenings are spent around the fire, trading stories, listening to local music and connecting with each other. We are honored to build an environment in Visitor Village where supporters feel at home, connected to the local community, nature and each other while feeling inspired to make positive changes in their lives back home for the greater good of our planet.  Many leave our project with a deep sense of personal satisfaction and feeling of community with a strong desire to be active in facilitating change in the captive elephant industry in Thailand.

Activities throughout the week may be as follows:

  • Spend time with elephants daily

    • Hike with elephants and an experienced guide through the jungle and learn about them in their natural habitat

  • Improve Visitor Village

    • Build and improve structures and organic community garden as needed

  • Provide service to local Karen Hill Tribe village

    • Participate in different needs of community improvement

  • Contribute to education programs at local school

    • Cultivate an environment to inspire children to live robust lives

  • Interact with local people to learn about their community and culture

    • Spend time with local people in their homes

  • Experience day trips to surrounding areas per interest of visitors

    • Visit local temple overlooking village and Myanmar border or learn about rice farming with local farmers

Please email us at for more information or to check availability of your week of interest prior to booking.


We look forward to
seeing you at our project!